LiON Power Solutions presents an online power backup unit to your wi-fi router (modem), so that you can be free from the hassles of internet breaks during your official meetings or online classes of your child.

LiON 12V modem UPS provide a consistent power supply back up to the modem up to 4 hours or more. Minute power fluctuations can cause modems to go offline, and it takes a few minutes to restore regular operations. You may experience a loss of internet connectivity during such variations. Even if you have an inverter back-up, a microsecond delay in switching could cause temporary internet disconnection. LiON Power Solutions provide seamless power back-up to the modem. This product can also power your CCTV set-top boxes, intercoms etc.

LiON UPS uses high-quality Li-ion cells to store power. There are no electrolytes in these cells, and so it is environmentally friendly. Li-ion cells are the future of power storage.

TESLA is using Li-ion cells in their electric vehicles. You are already familiar with the versatility of Li-ion batteries if you use a mobile phone. These cells are known for their high energy density and higher capacities.

Modems are vulnerable to lightning strikes, and during the rainy season frequent complaints of modems getting damaged are reported. LiON UPS acts as protection from sudden surges in electrical voltage, and chances of direct lightning strikes are almost nil – this means more safety.