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Portable Personal Fan! Lightweight design and compact size makes it convenient to handle.  Incredibly-low power consumption helps you to reduce your electricity charges.

Let the mind be cool!

Rechargeable Fan

This fan works even when there’s no power supply ! Say goodbye to sweltering temperatures during your day today living, and enjoy the cool breeze wherever you are.  Incredibly-low power consumption helps you to reduce your electricity charges and provide longer running time. No more worries about the power cuts.


Lion Power Solutions – Portable Personal Fan is perfect for outdoor activities. It’s also suitable for use in your kitchen, study area, or balcony. Take the wind wherever you want and stay comfortable.

The airflow can be controlled by appropriate positioning of the Fan, so it is suitable for small shops and cash counters etc.

  • M.R.P of the product is Rs 2300/-
  • Now avail the launching offer Rs 1799/-

 Let the mind be cool.

Lion Powers Portable Personal Fan. User Instructions

Thank you for purchasing Lion Powers Portable Personal Fan

  1. Recharge the fan every week, even if you are not using. Such recharge is called top-up charging.
  2. Full recharge time is 3 hours. While doing top-up charging 1 hour is sufficient.
  3. Proper charging shall enhance the life of the battery pack.
  4. The fan may vibrate if kept on smooth plane like glass top etc. To avoid such vibrations keep the fan on cushion like object such as a magazine or a mouse pad etc.
  5. You have one year warranty on this product.
    Please contact 9495 141 913 for claiming the warranty.

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Now distribution of LiON powers portable fan is limited only to Eranakulam District in Kerala.

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