Lion Power Solutions is a Kochi based startup company manufacturing electronic powerback up solutions.  LiON Power Solutions presents an online power backup unit to your wi-fi router (modem), so that the internet connectivity will not be disrupted due to unexpected disconnection of modems.

LiON 12V modem UPS provides a consistent power supply back up to the modem for up to 4 hours or more. Minute power fluctuations can cause modems to go offline, and it takes a few minutes to restore regular operations. You may experience a loss of internet connectivity during such variations. Even if you have an inverter back-up, a microsecond delay in switching could cause temporary internet disconnection. LiON Power Solutions provide seamless power back-up to the modem. This product can also power your CCTV set-top boxes, intercoms etc. if the device voltage is 12v and ampere rating is less than 2.5A


Lion Powers Solutions
122/8, Eloor East, Udyogamandal
Ernakulam Dst PIN – 683501
Kerala, India
Ph: 9495141913